Introduction to the Mentoring Program

"You should check out his Interactive Web Developer course, I've learned more with his course than Treehouse, Plurasight and Udacity combined." (via Instagram)

The #1 goal of the mentoring program is to quickly get you making money!

Whether you want to get a coding job, start freelancing or start a business, this program will cover everything you need to get up and running quickly.

I am including several modules to fast track you:

  • Code courses
  • Coding certifications (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Python)
  • Business courses (freelancing, job interview prep, etc ...)
  • Private mentoring group
  • Private mentoring videos
  • Private consultation with Stef (up to 3)

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Please contact me at stefan at, if you have any questions!

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The Private Group and Videos

"I started a little over a month ago, and now I have my personal website up and running ... Starting to take clients now. A couple of months ago this all would have been a dream and now it's really happening."
Kevin W. (via Gmail)

All mentees will have access to the private mentoring group that includes private videos created to address subjects and questions brought up in the group zoom meetings.

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Courses That You Will Access

"Your course for me was a masterpiece mainly because it is miles better than the competition."
Hank Astral (via YouTube)

The mentoring program gives you full access to all my Foundation code courses: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Python, SQL and PHP. You will also have access to my Freelance course, my Entrepreneur course and more!

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Business and Job Skills

"I've been taking your web development course and it's great. I just can't believe how short your videos are, and yet, I've learned so much. How is that possible?"
Dwain A. (via YouTube)

As I have been saying on YouTube for years, if you really want to be a superstar developer, you need to have some business skills - no doubt!

With that in mind, I am including three business related modules: Freelancing, Entrepreneur and Job Interview prep. Watch the above video for details.

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Communication Skills

"I went through your Freelance course. I was amazing! I also find it interesting that probably around 40% of what I learned from the course is from seeing the structure of the freelance templates. Pretty self-explanatory and provides a lot of insight on how to actually do the freelance gig."
Tim T. (via Gmail)

Having good communication skills is crucial to your career ... no matter which route you choose. In fact, you are better off leveling-up your communication skills than learning a new programming language.

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Building Your Reputation and Certification

One of the most important assets you will build in your life, is your reputation. In the business world, they call this the 'brand'. Think about it, if Apple put their logo on a bag of chips, Apple fans would buy it up at 2x the price! ;)

... So, we must learn from the biggest company in the world: your brand/reputation is key!

"While learning on your platform, I really felt a sense of belonging. Everyday I came home and could not wait to spend 1h or 2h on your tutorial. It was fun and really attractive for me."
Bobby V. (via Gmail)

In the mentoring program, you will be guided step-by-step in building your reputation, because if you want to get a job, or start a business, you need a solid rep!

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The Three Payment Options

"I want to say this course, and the way everything is presented, is one of the best there is. Things I didn't understand by everyone else that I tried learning from, I understand from just watching it through the first time."
James H. (via Gmail)

I did not want to charge the ridiculous $5 000, $10 000 and even $20 000 some boot camps are charging for the code training alone.

Instead, for 12 months access to the entire mentoring program, the maximum cost for this pilot launch is $999 for the whole year! We also have options for monthly payments, even as affordable as $49.99/month!

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Stef is Interviewed on TV

"I am loving your course! With no prior knowledge of coding, I must say your teaching technique is one of a kind. The only regret I have, is that I wish I had come across your courses years earlier!"
Bilal H. (via Gmail)

I've been teaching code and running SAAS companies for over 20 years. The video above is an interview I did about StudioWeb on Canadian TV.

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Certification Details

"Your web stack course is nothing short of phenomenal. I never thought HTML and CSS could be made so easy to understand."
Elijah E. (via Gmail)

With the mentoring program, you will have access to 5 of the StudioWeb certifications: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Python and PHP. Being legitimately certified, is a great way to start building a reputation.